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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 15, 24 July 1975

Volume 11, Issue 15

24 July 1975

Electro-optic technique for adding binary numbers
Effect of dual implants into GaAs
New squared-magnitude function for digital bandpass filters
Equal-areas rule for gallium-arsenide avalanche diodes
Eigenvalue assignment by reduced-order models
Planar Gunn-effect logic device with two separated cathodes
Leaky modes in graded fibres
Encapsulation of ion-implanted GaAs using native oxides
Minimal realisation of a symmetric transfer function matrix using Markov parameters and moments
Optimum criteria for output interfaces in digital stochastic computers
Extremely high packaging densities by operating integrated circuits with r.f. power
Effects of shape and orientation of spheroidal raindrops on microwave scattering
Counterexample in the least-squares inverse stabilisation of 2D recursive filters
Dyadic approximation about a general frequency point
Radiation from bent optical waveguides
New method of continuously measuring differential capacitance changes
Real-time acousto-optical image conversion
Descent algorithm for the optimisation of bilinear systems
Self resonance in foil inductors
Hybrid parametric amplifier
Effect of temperature on the transient response of twisted nematic liquid-crystal films
Design of multivariable control systems using reduced-order models
Attenuation and phase distortion in lossy acoustic-surface-wave multistrip couplers
Improvements in the beam-wave theory of the open resonator
Bias-tuned double-drift impatt diodes for wide-bandwidth operation
Design techniques for stable model reference adaptive control systems
Optics of propagation in the anisotropic space of an acoustic-surface-wave disc delay line
Lightning-flash counter using pattern recognition to discriminate between ground and cloud flashes
Caractérisation des noyaux de Volterra d'un systéme non lineaire (Characterisation of the Volterra kernels of a nonlinear system)
Indirect model-matching technique for multicontroller systems
Novel inductorless neuristor line
Erratum: Rectangular-ridge vibrational modes

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