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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 14, 10 July 1975

Volume 11, Issue 14

10 July 1975

Comparison of numerical-solution methods for 2-dimensional bipolar-transistor-analysis algorithm
Majority-carrier traps in n- and p-type epitaxial GaAs
Laser-probe analysis of field distributions within acoustic-surface-wave planar resonators
Zener-diode noise generators
Spurious oscillations in IMPATT oscillators
Radiation from a parallel-plate waveguide with a finite corrugated flange
Gunn-diode oscillator at 95 GHz
Applications of the perturbation matrix in network design problems
Some BCH codes are optimum
Influence of the channel width on the threshold voltage modulation in m.o.s.f.e.t.s
M.I.C. TRAPATT oscillator for efficient S band operation
Alumina microstrip GaAs f.e.t. 11 GHz oscillator
Dependence of t.e.o. efficiency on NL product
Surface morphology of liquid-phase-epitaxial InP
Wide-range temperature compensation by addition of two crystal-resonator frequencies: practical results with quartz and LiTaO3
Buffered stack memory organisation
Influence of mode coupling on the noise properties of multimode-fibre systems
Direct coupling from a GaAs laser into a single-mode fibre
Dispersion characteristic of a microstrip line with a step discontinuity
Efficient variable-metric method for obtaining estimates of the parameters of a dynamic model
Reply to ‘Comment on Improved describing function for hysteresis’
Erratum: Novel technique for the linearisation of charge-coupled devices
Erratum: Wideband GaAs Gunn reflection amplification for the 18–26.5 GHz waveguide band
Erratum: Band-elimination filter employing surface-acoustic-wave resonators

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