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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 13, 26 June 1975

Volume 11, Issue 13

26 June 1975

Low-sensitivity control of nuclear reactors
Optical-fibre excitation by finite beams
Criterion for the stability of all moments of a particular stochastic system
Bounds of the 2-input describing function
Variance fluctuations of 1/f noise
High-radiance small-area gallium–indium-arsenide 1.06 μm light-emitting diodes
Pulse propagation in multimode optical fibres
Gain adjusting an optimal regulator
Binary sequences with good correlation properties
Design-parameter evaluation for a class of preset z.f.e.s
Convolution and correlation using light diffraction from bulk acoustic waves
Calculation of the radiation pattern, gain and input impedance of a Yagi antenna
Simple TRAPATT circuit for 2nd-harmonic extraction

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