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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 12, 12 June 1975

Volume 11, Issue 12

12 June 1975

Measurement of the base resistance of bipolar transistors
Signal-error-feedforward-controlled amplifiers
Fine tuning of surface-acoustic-wave resonator filters with metallisation thickness
Coupled-resonator acoustic-surface-wave filter
Wave active filters
Comment on ‘Improved describing function for hysteresis’
Realisability of bandpass filters
Stability criteria for negative-resistance oscillators
Acoustic surface-wave filters without apodisation loss with electrodes with inclined apodisation
New millimetre-wave isolator containing a semiconductor rod in a circular waveguide
Electro-optic thin films of zinc sulphide
Complex distribution effects of thin component ohmic-contact layers on GaAs
Interpolation and extrapolation in nonuniform sampling sequences with average sampling rates below the Nyquist rate
Evaluation in approximations of coupled differential equations in multimode transmission
Phase-lock-loop statistics without recourse to Fokker-Planck techniques

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