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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 11, 29 May 1975

Volume 11, Issue 11

29 May 1975

Transitional Halpern-Thomson filters
Detection and partial correction of isolated errors from the received data in a 1st-order d.p.c.m. codec
Technique for plotting nonequilibrium C/V curves of an m.o.s. capacitor
Gain-loss measurements on a carbon-fibre composite reflector antenna
Algorithm for the evaluation of (sI-A)−1B from signal-flow graphs not involving the complex variable s
High-efficiency TRAPATT operation in X band
Leaky rays on optical fibres of arbitrary (circularly symmetric) index profiles
Microwave-transistor power-amplifier design by large-signal y parameters
Electrical and optical properties of Gen–SnO2 photodetectors
Measured signal/quantising-distortion ratio of high-information delta modulation
Electrically cascaded surface-acoustic-wave resonator filters
Resistive coupler
Low-level radar propagation in coastal waters
Erratum: Upper bound for signal/noise ratio for instantaneously companded delta-modulation systems

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