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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 10, 15 May 1975

Volume 11, Issue 10

15 May 1975

Fabrication of 3-terminal transferred-electron logic devices by proton bombardment for device isolation
Pseudonoise test signals and the fast Fourier transform
Complementary Josephson-junction circuit: a fast flip-flop and logic gate
Coupling efficiency of the tapered coupler
Dynamic behaviour of semiconductor lasers
Coupling factor for 0° asymmetric nonuniform line couplers
Low-loss open transmission line: the open ring line
Temperature dependence of the high-field velocity of electrons in n GaAs
To compute the zeros of systems
106 GHz low-loss beam waveguide
Electron optical system for microfabrication with 10 000 lines per field
Location of imperfections in optical glass-fibre waveguides
Stability criteria for multivariable polynomials
Experiments on integrated gallium-arsenide f.e.t. oscillators at X band
Equivalent circuit of coaxial (APC-7)-to-microstrip transition
Novel technique for the linearisation of charge-coupled devices
Direct observation of the depletion layer in a multichannel vertical j.f.e.t. (m.j.f.e.t.)
Capacitance, inductance and effective relative permittivity of microstrip line
Gyrator frequency modulator
Active RC realisation of a 3rd-order bandpass Butterworth characteristic using equal-valued passive elements

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