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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 1, 9 January 1975

Volume 11, Issue 1

9 January 1975

n-user asynchronous arbiter
Optical coupling between thin films and circular fibres
Some novel exclusive-OR/NOR circuits
Digital xy position indicator using Walsh functions
Coaxial junction with 3-ports as a variable 2-port S parameter standard at microwave frequencies
Pulse broadening in multimode graded-index fibres
Multipurpose simulation network with a single amplifier
Novel approach to the production of band branching filters for microwave frequencies
Calculation of the far-field halfpower width and mirror reflection coefficients of double-heterostructure lasers
Transit modes of InP transferred-electron devices
Translinear circuits: a proposed classification
Simplified method for establishing determinacy in a directed-graph control structure
Suboptimal method of feature selection and ordering for multiclass problems
Transient response of antennas with nonlinear loads
Linear quadratic optimal estimation and control with receding horizon
Subnanosecond-pulse generator with variable pulsewidth using avalanche transistors
Influence of active-layer width on the performance of homojunction and single-heterojunction GaAs light-emitting diodes
Optical-fibre connector
High-dynamic-range bulk-elastic-wave correlator
Disturbance-rejection characteristics of linear discrete-time systems incorporating integral feedback
Upper bound on signal/quantising-noise ratio for television d.p.c.m. systems
Radiation losses from sinusoidal serpentine bends in optical waveguides
Scintillation limitations on the 2nd-phase-difference range measurement
Erratum: Numerical test of stability of large sparse matrices and dynamical systems

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