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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 9, 2 May 1974

Volume 10, Issue 9

2 May 1974

Improved contrast uniformity in twisted nematic liquid-crystal electro-optic display devices
High-directivity microstrip directional couplers
Effect of carrier diffusion on operation of avalanche diodes
Waveguide attenuation measurements at 890 GHz
Impedance comparator using digitally generated sinewaves with accurate phase relationships
Pulse dispersion for single-mode operation of multimode cladded optical fibres
Excitation of self-focusing optical fibre by Gaussian beam
Threshold-voltage sensitivity of ion-implanted m.o.s. transistors due to process variations
Miller long-duration sweep generator
Optical Barker codes
Circuit realisation of negative-impedance convertor at v.h.f.
C.W. operation of ion-implanted GaAs read-type IMPATT diodes
Optimum frequency multiplication with resistive diodes
Design of recursive digital filters approximating to arbitrary prescribed magnitude responses
GaAs planar Gunn digital devices with subsidiary anode
Reliability of low-cost CdS/Cu2S solar cells
Erratum: Simple technique for displaying periodically jittered binary waveforms

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