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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 8, 18 April 1974

Volume 10, Issue 8

18 April 1974

New method for measuring dielectric properties of liquids with a microslotline
Characterisation of avalanche photodiodes having nearly-unilateral-carrier multiplication
Site shielding for Earth-station antennas
Fast b.c.d./binary adder/subtractor
Frequency markers providing resolution of 1 kHz for sweptmicrowave measurements
Vertex splitting in resistor-network analysis
Relative convergence in mode-matching solutions of microstrip problems
New fast method for generating discrete random numbers with arbitrary frequency distributions
Unequal coupled-mode-velocity C section filters
Numerical analysis of electric field inside mesa p+-n-n+ avalanche diodes
Refractive-index profiles for diffused glass fibres
Analysis of imperfectly defined circuits
Selection of zeros of reflection coefficient in design of filters by insertion loss
Obliquity factor for radiation from solid-state laser
Influence of gap between laser and optical waveguide
Mode conversion in surface-acoustic-wave reflective arrays
Parametric upconvertor as low-noise i.f. amplifier for microwave mixers
Erratum: Relation between pre-exponential factor and activation energy in dark conductivity of polyethylene

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