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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 7, 4 April 1974

Volume 10, Issue 7

4 April 1974

Generation/recombination of carriers in p-n junctions
Processing gain of surface-acoustic-wave convolver with noise-corrupted reference waveform
Theoretical characteristics of transferred-electron amplifiers
C.C.D. Cheby̅shev filter for radar m.t.i. applications
Electro-optical colour effects by twisted nematic liquid crystal
Field-diversity antenna for u.h.f. mobile radio
New modal representation of electromagnetic waves supported by horizontal wire above dissipative earth
Method of improving tuning range obtained from a varactor-tuned Gunn oscillator
Rays and modes in optical fibres
Wedge-wave transduction by means of interdigital electrodes
High-efficiency proton-isolated GaAs IMPATT diodes
Optical fibres and the Goos-Hänchen shift
Variable-frame-rate coding scheme for speech-analysis/synthesis systems
New subnanosecond pulse-generator circuit employing two step-recovery diodes
Analytical realisation of e.v.c.-a.r.c. networks
Image-cancelling mixers at 2 GHz
Reliability consideration for distributed chain structure with unreliable nodes
16-channel surface-acoustic-wave grating-filter bank for real-time spectral analyser
LiNbO3-quartz-LiNbO3 composite delay line with zero linear temperature coefficient of delay
Surface-acoustic-wave guidance produced by ion implantation in quartz
Performance of multilevel d.c.p.s.k. system in the presence of both interchannel and intersymbol interference
Traffic capacity of product networks
Fast-switching twisted nematic electro-optical shutter and colour filter
Electron dynamics in short-channel InP field-effect transistors

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