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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 25-26, 12 December 1974

Volume 10, Issue 25

12 December 1974

Radiation method for the measurement of mode-conversion levels
Attenuation measurement of dielectric waveguide
Site-diversity advantage for satellite communication at 11.6 GHz
Reordering for minimum infill in sparse-matrix solutions of linear equations
Technique for direct evaluation of parameter sensitivity functions
Pulsed Gunn-diode oscillator: 40 W at 16 GHz
Fast generation of uniformly distributed pseudorandom numbers with floating-point representation
Low-loss plastics-cladding fibre
Solution of 6-component electromagnetic fields in three space dimensions and time by the t.l.m. method
Stability analysis of a particular class of stochastic system
Silicon IMPATT cascaded amplifier: 6 W (c.w.) at 9.6 GHz
Waveguide-fed dielectric spherical antennas
Efficiency considerations of high-low- and low-high-low-doping GaAs IMPATT diodes
New method for obtaining the optimal Taylor expansions of a Boolean function
Erratum: Image of a coil in relation to the gauging of distance of metal surfaces

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