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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 19, 19 September 1974

Volume 10, Issue 19

19 September 1974

Improvements in coherent f.s.k. performance
Testing lightning-flash counters with step-function voltages
High-frequency operation of surface-acoustic-wave muiltielectrode transducers
Increased-bandwidth resonant slot array with bidirectional radiation pattern
Nonrecursive digital filters with crescent ripple
Utilisation factior of a waveguidefred slot array
Low/high-profile TRAPATT structure
Velocity/field characteristic of GaxIn1−xSb calculated by the Monte Carlo method
New definitions for loudness ratings
Kron's link-at-a-time formula
Bandwidth results for liquid-core optical fibres
Erratum: Multilevel single-error-correcting codes
Erratum: Buried-channel c.c.d. models based on a 1-dimensional analysis
Erratum: Logicfree data channels

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