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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 18, 5 September 1974

Volume 10, Issue 18

5 September 1974

Reply to ‘Comment on Low-frequency noise in incandescent filaments’
Acoustic-surface-wave properties of Bi12SiO20 and related compounds
Bias-dependent oscillations in 10 μm-long transferred-electron oscillators
New method for producing ideal metal-semiconductor ohmic contacts
Current/voltage relations in punchthrough transistors
Comment on ‘Picosecond mode delays in gradient-refractive-index fibres’
Direct simultaneous displacement and velocity measurement by a single noncontacting capacitance transducer
Tracking sensitivity: an efficient algorithm for linear nonreciprocal circuits
Generation of reflection-coefficient standards of any value by means of a 3-port coaxial junction at microwave frequencies
Modifications of Tarmy-Ghausi active filter
Class of transfer functions with finite stopband attenuation with both passband and stopband exhibiting equiripple behaviour
Scattering of acoustic surface waves from periodic grating filters
Milliwatt calorimeter for the 90–140 GHz waveguide band
Relationship between feedback and the transfer-function matrix of a multivariable system
Ideal frequency modulator
Canonical RLC synthesis for a class of immittance functions
Binary codes with disjoint codebooks and mutual Hamming distance
Good block codes derived from cyclic codes
Erratum: Plug-in fibre-to-fibre coupler
Erratum: Optimisation of digital learning networks when applied to pattern recognition of mass spectra

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