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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 16, 8 August 1974

Volume 10, Issue 16

8 August 1974

Broadband cryogenic parametric amplifier operating at 11.6 GHz
Structural oscillation in a cholesteric-nematic mixture
Electron velocity in n GaAs at high electric fields
Synthesis of transfer functions by signal-flow graphs
Preparation of water-free silica-based optical-fibre waveguide
A.C.-coupled probe technique for very-low-frequency operation
Ring-structured adaptable logic circuit for the classification of binary vectors
Sequence recognition with an adaptive-logic network
Further properties of linear binary anticodes
wo-dimensional finite element simulation of semiconductor devices
Fast modulo-number Hadamard transformer for a sequency-division multiplexer
Identification of the Volterra kernels of a process containing single-valued nonlinearities
GaAs-GaAlAs anti-Stokes light convertor
Multilevel single-error-correcting codes
Erratum: Fast b.c.d. multiplier
Erratum: Feedback stability of open-loop unstable systems: contraction-mapping approach

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