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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 13, 27 June 1974

Volume 10, Issue 13

27 June 1974

Comb-type slow-wave structure for travelling-wave masers
Low-frequency noise in incandescent tungsten filaments
Effects of degradation-induced absorption in GaAs-d.h.s. laser diodes
Algorithm for determining the power of the companion matrix for multivariable systems
Digital hardware for approximating to the amplitude of quadrature pairs
Collisional series resistance in electron beams
Digital single-sideband modulators
Simple empirical relationship between mobility and carrier concentration
Perturbation methods in numerical s plane analysis
New active-gyrator circuit
Gradients of a performance index arising from network optimisation in the frequency domain
Reduction of antenna dimensions by dielectric loading
Canonical lowpass prototype network for symmetric coupled-resonator bandpass filters
Low-frequency noise in GaAs Schottky-gate f.e.t.s.
Improved algorithm for state-space synthesis
Erratum: Optimum packet size in a packet-switched data network

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