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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 11, 30 May 1974

Volume 10, Issue 11

30 May 1974

Acoustic convolver using multistrip beamwidth compressors
Effect of rain on 4 GHz troposcatter radio paths
Multiplexing system for Walsh waves
Halfadders modulo 2N using read-only memories
Notation describing the fault-related behaviour of logic modules
Waveguide filters using high-impedance mode conversion/reconversion
Surface-acoustic-wave rejection filters using mode conversion/reconversion
Frequency-stable pulsed Gunn oscillators
High-efficiency InP transferred-electron oscillators
Algebraic method for closed-loop deadbeat control
D.D.A. register transfers for 3rd-order Kutta integration
Improved algorithm for low-order real digital circular convolution
Acoustic-surface-wave analogue-digital convertor
Optimisation of antenna gain for Earth coverage from geostationary satellite
New transformations in signal-flow graphs extended to multi-inputs
Rectangular-ridge vibrational modes
Surface-acoustic-wave phase shifter using electrical depolarisation
High-speed adaptive echo canceller
Erratum: New subnanosecond pulse-generator circuit employing two step-recovery diodes
Erratum: Fast b.c.d./binary adder/subtractor

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