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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 10, 16 May 1974

Volume 10, Issue 10

16 May 1974

Deterioration of circular-polarisation clutter cancellation in anisotropic precipitation media
Low-voltage punchthrough injection structure
Edge diffraction at a curved screen
Cellular-array negabinary multiplier
Video integration using charge-coupled devices
Oscillator for 2 mm waveband
Spurious coupling between length-weighted transducers acoustically connected by means of a multistrip coupler
Subjective evaluation of single-channel-per-carrier frequency-modulation system for satellite communication
Sandwich-ribbon optical waveguides
Determination of system frequency response direct from crosscorrelation functions of sinusoidal signals
Flip-flops in functional memory
Microwave Hall-mobility measurements on vanadium bronze V2O5 (Na0.33V2O5 and Cu0.0083V2O5)
Optimisation of digital filters in the discrete space of coefficients
New type of variable-frequency RC oscillator
Operation of 6 GHz f.e.t. amplifier at reduced ambient temperature
Powerful 2-part program for solution of nonlinear simultaneous equations
Reply to ‘Comment on Calculation of the radiation patterns of reflector antennas, using Kirchhoff integration‘
Dynamic f.m.-discriminator distortion
Analytical small-signal model of the supercritical n+-n-n+ GaAs transferred-electron amplifier
Simple method for the calculation of the characteristic impedance of microstrip
Performance of a differential coincidence-type self bit synchroniser at low s.n.r.
Optimum packet size in a packet-switched data network
BARITT-diode large-signal performance
Control circuit for ferrite phase shifter
Fault location and diagnosis procedure in ring-sum iterative arrays
Buried-channel c.c.d. models based on a 1-dimensional analysis
Duoconical monopole
Low-loss glass for optical transmission
Simple method of m.o.s.-transistor threshold-voltage measurement
Electrochemical technique for the continuous automatic plotting of semiconductor donor concentration over large depths
Evaluation of the time distribution of t.v. frame-difference elements
Placement algorithm for logic modules
Erratum: Widerange variable-pulse generator
Erratum: Gaussian-filter approximation
Erratum: F.M. click rates

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