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Electronics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 8, October 1965

Volume 1, Issue 8

October 1965

Surface-oriented Gunn-effect oscillator
Effect of load conductance on the selectivity of notch filters
Stability of control systems with time delay
Touch display—a novel input/output device for computers
Online digital prediction and control of the output of a linear time-varying system
Adaptive optimally switched control system using digital techniques
Self-balancing microwave comparison radiometer
Characteristics of silicon transistors
P.C.M. encoder and decoder using permanent-storage magnetostrictive delay lines
Optimum-sensitivity active RC bandpass filter
Experimental 1 kW c.w. helix travelling-wave tube for 5–10 Gc/s
Generalised transfer function of injection-type transistor
High-frequency pulse rise in slightly detuned synchronous single-circuit amplifiers
Noise-measuring method
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the realisation of a Foster form by transformation methods
Reverse recovery and rectification effeciency of a p–n junction diode simulated by an analogue model
Microwave pulse compression utilising an yttrium-iron-garnet delay line
Comparison of three methods of multivariable-system identification using p.r.b.s.
Ion/electron-beam parametric amplifiers
Scattering by nearly polished surfaces of X-ray and visible radiation
Computer-aided design of single- and two-variable analogue function generators
Further remarks on the transfer matrix of a linear dynamic system
Transients in saturable reactors
p–n junction diodes as millimetre-wave detectors
Power relationships in the acoustic amplifier
Low-current operation of silicon planar transistors

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