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Electronics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 7, September 1965

Volume 1, Issue 7

September 1965

Resolution of X ray microscopy by hologram
Measurement of small changes in resistance in the environment of a nuclear reactor
Thin-wire loop antennas
Riccati form of the wave equation
Thermal drift of m.o.s. devices
Dyadic Green's function for magnetic current source in compressible anisotropic plasma
Subjective quality of television pictures with multiple impairments
Domain stability in the Gunn effect
Further notes on delayed versions of linear binary sequences
Production of p–n junctions with bulk controlled characteristics
New calibration method for large aerial arrays
Modes of propagation in a bounded compressible plasma
New frequency-discriminator circuit
Far-field polar patterns of a surface-wave array at 20 Mc/s
Multiwinding ideal transformers as multiport components
Proof of the Manley–Rowe relations from quantum considerations
A.C. response of a saturated ionisation chamber
Field-strength measurements in resonant cavities by perturbation theory
End-fire array of virtual acoustic sources produced by the interaction of cylindrically spreading acoustic waves
Additions to the z transform table
New active RC synthesis procedure using negative-impedance convertors
Selectivity of notch filters using nonuniform RC lines
Simple analogue divider and multiplier
Derivation of n-ports with prescribed insertion-loss characteristics from known two-ports
Excitation of surface modes along a semi-infinite dielectric cylinder
Reduction of the number of states in incompletely specified sequential machines
Analysis of a varactor multiplier without idlers
Base resistance in silicon planar transistors
Current distribution on a two-arm thin-wire planar equiangular spiral antenna
Further remarks on boundary conditions of plasma models in a bounded region

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