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Electronics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 6, August 1965

Volume 1, Issue 6

August 1965

Submillimetre-wavelength measurement of solar radiation
Enhancement of delay spectra in single-crystal yttrium-iron garnet by polycrystalline samples
Reduction of magnetic-field fluctuations by an inductive feedback system
Velocity modulation of a supersonic stream of gas—the acoustiklystron
Spontaneous radiation-emission fluctuations of gas discharges and their measurement using a suitable radiation detector
Solution of nonlinear time-variant systems with random inputs
Comment: Ultralinear negative resistance using two complementary junction transistors
Harmonic generation using an electrodeless discharge
Design of tunable combline filters of near-constant bandwidth
Monopulse combining network
Parametric amplification of magnetostatic, magnetoelastic and acoustic waves for microwave delay at room temperature
Complex cascade programming and associated computional errors
Elimination of input current in a differential d.c. amplifier
Transfer function of an active a.c. phase-advance network
Detection of recurrent signals in noise by phosphorescent memory
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the spontaneous fluctuations of the infrared radiation of a high-current high-pressure argon discharge
Lossless time-varying impedance synthesis
Frequency response of a lumped delay line having frequency-dependent series resistance
Practical stability criterion for tunnel-diode circuits
Modulation of a helium-neon laser by the light of a helium discharge
Regeneration of poisoned bariated-nickel cathodes by heating in hydrogen
Estimate of the electron density in a plasma after-glow from a study of electromagnetic scattering
High-frequency phase detector
Transistorised lightning-flash counter
Fused logic element which learns by example
Microwave measurement of resistivity
Proposed microwave delay lines for pulse-compression radar
Power spectra and power distributions of random binary f.m. signals with premodulation shaping
C.W. X and K band radiation from GaAs epitaxial layers

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