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Electronics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 2, April 1965

Volume 1, Issue 2

April 1965

Bounds on two-element-kind impedance functions
Equivalent circuit and intergate capacitance of four-terminal field-effect transistors
Hollow-cathode discharge in magnetic field
Three-dimensional analysis of electron-velocity distribution in low-noise guns
Biasing of silicon transistors
Elastance coefficients of varactor diodes
Electromagnetic wave propagation on a double-layer dielectric film
Evolutionary medium-altitude communication-satellite systems
Transverse electron-beam wave excitation by photoelectric mixing of laser beams
Theory of lossless reciprocal transformation of a reciprocal 2-state network
Speech-transmission performance of p.c.m. systems
D.C. differential amplifier with very high common-mode rejection
Automatic speed/time recorder utilising the principle of the stroboscope
Improved tunnel-diode pulse former
Determination of electron drift velocity in a gaseous discharge from Doppler shifts of plasma waves
Extremely high-power X band 3-port circulator
Laser oscillations at submillimetre wavelengths from pulsed gas discharges in compounds of hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen
Economical long-tail pair with no tail
Use of screen cathodes to obtain plasma/electromagnetic-wave interaction structures with free plasma boundaries
New type of waveguide for light and infrared waves
Double-gate thin-film transistor
Nonlinear-capacitance devices
Ionisation and dissociation in CF4
Natural modes of partitioned networks in analysis and synthesis of transfer functions

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