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Electronics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 10, December 1965

Volume 1, Issue 10

December 1965

New binary counter circuit
Transistor input distortion and emitter degeneration
Determination of the electric conductivity of the seabed in shallow waters with varying conductivity profile
Mechanism of heat loss from ferrite storage cores in still air
Macroscopic characterisation of a two-fluid anisotropic warm plasma
Sensitivity of an eigenvalue to changes in the matrix
Estimating the length of a compact function from a noisy measurement of the modulus of its Fourier transform
Azimuthal propagation in a nonuniform concentric cylindrical waveguide with application to the Earth–ionosphere waveguide
Cascade of simple commensurate uniformly distributed RC four-port unit elements
Frequency-diversity performance of a ground surveillance radar
Plasma densities and conductivities of semiconductor surfaces
Propagation measurements at 11 Gc/s over a 35 km near optical path involving diffraction at two obstacles
Domain configurations in transferred-electron oscillators
Short-wave radiation pattern emitted by a slab with a periodically modulated refractive index
Distortion in class a transistor amplifiers
RC active networks
Reply: Practical stability criterion for tunnel-diode circuits
New criterion for feedback-shift-register connection
Slow-wave propagation in a nonuniform plasma
New derivation of the equivalent noise generators of ideal pn-junction and vacuum diodes
Comment on ‘Selectivity of notch filters using nonuniform RC lines’
Relation between system parameters and response duration
Bridge phase modulator with great phase deviation
Current-switching half adder
Frequency-modulated technique for the study of the Tonks-Dattner resonances
Feasibility of aerial-pattern determination by processing the near-field signal

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