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Electronics Education

Volume 1997, Issue 2, Summer 1997

Volume 1997, Issue 2

Summer 1997

‘…Why can't a woman be more like a man?’
Designing is important
Pupils' opinion
IEE Scholarship winners 1996
Scholarship 1997
The Royal Institution of Great Britain
Working with the BASIC STAMP. II
Teacher INSET
Robots and mice
Electricity usage
Pupil Project of the Year
Earthquakes, physics and ‘real-life’ science
Light fantastic
PCB for Crocodile Clips
Women engineers
Scottish inventors
Formula One electronic gearbox control
Design and Build competition
Instrument tuner
B2 Spice v2.0
Quantum Theory for Beginners
D&T Routes: Core Book. Teacher's Resource for KS4
A use for a short-circuit: railway signalling
Head-up safe stopping distance display
Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
Expert Astronomer CDROM for Windows
GO for IT

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