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Volume 29, Issue 6, November 2020

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Volume 29, Issue 6

November 2020

New Progress in Research and Application of Machine Learning
Deep Learning and Its Application in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Research and Application of Machine Learning in Automatic Program Generation
CSELM-QE: A Composite Semi-supervised Extreme Learning Machine with Unlabeled RSS Quality Estimation for Radio Map Construction
Multi-level Deep Correlative Networks for Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis
Recurrent Neural Networks for Computing the Moore-Penrose Inverse with Momentum Learning
Performance Analysis and Prediction of Double-Server Polling System Based on BP Neural Network
Malware Detection Algorithm Based on the Attention Mechanism and ResNet
A Fast Evolutionary Learning to Optimize CNN
Image Inpainting Based on Improved Deep Convolutional Auto-encoder Network
Quaternion Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Feature-Level Multimodal Biometric Recognition
RMHSForest: Relative Mass and Half-Space Tree Based Forest for Anomaly Detection
DSCA-Net: Indoor Head Detection Network Using Dual-Stream Information and Channel Attention
Student Performance Prediction Based on Behavior Process Similarity
Learning Domain-Invariant and Discriminative Features for Homogeneous Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
CNQ: Compressor-Based Non-uniform Quantization of Deep Neural Networks
Advancing Graph Convolution Network with Revised Laplacian Matrix
HSNR: A Network Representation Learning Algorithm Using Hierarchical Structure Embedding
Feature Fusion Based Hand Gesture Recognition Method for Automotive Interfaces
Detection of Malicious PDF Files Using a Two-Stage Machine Learning Algorithm
Quantum Contextuality for Training Neural Networks
The Kernel Dynamics of Convolutional Neural Networks in Manifolds
Classification and Early Warning Model of Terrorist Attacks Based on Optimal GCN
A Novel Goodness of Fit Test Spectrum Sensing Using Extreme Eigenvalues
SLA-Aware and Energy-Efficient VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Host State 3rd-Order Markov Chain Model

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