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Volume 29, Issue 3, May 2020

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Volume 29, Issue 3

May 2020

Spatial Sound-History, Principle, Progress and Challenge
A Generalized Information Security Model SOCMD for CMD Systems
Video Saliency Detection via Pairwise Interaction
Remote Attestation for Intelligent Electronic Devices in Smart Grid Based on Trusted Level Measurement
Blockchain-Based Dynamic Group Key Agreement Protocol for Ad Hoc Network
Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Based on Self-supervised Deep Belief Network
Constructions of Balanced Quaternary Sequences
Efficient Task Decomposition for Sequential Crowdsourced Task Solving
A Feature Optimized Deep Learning Model for Clinical Data Mining
A Hybrid Aspect Based Latent Factor Model for Recommendation
Words in Pairs Neural Networks for Text Classification
Constrained Unscented Kalman Filtering for Bearings-Only Maneuvering Target Tracking
Parametric Narrow-Band InISAR 3D Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing
Optimal Quinary Cyclic Codes with Minimum Distance Four
Investigations on the Effect of Electrical Contact Degradation on High Speed Wide-Band Signal Integrity
UnionPay Payment Scheme Based on Controlled Quantum Teleportation
Iterative Interference Cancellation for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access System
Confidence Skewing Problem and Its Correction Method in Mimic Arbitration Mechanism
A 400MHz Single-Chip CMOS Transceiver for Long Range High Definition Video Transmission in UAV Application
An FFT-Based High SNR MWC Back-End Architecture with Analog Low-Pass Filter Compensation
A Novel Approach for On-Site Measurement of Radiated Emission of EMU
LC-Z-Source Inverter Design and Control
Design and Analysis of Double One Out of Two with a Hot Standby Safety Redundant Structure

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