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Volume 28, Issue 6, November 2019

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Volume 28, Issue 6

November 2019

Some New Trends of Deep Learning Research
Face Liveness Detection Based on the Improved CNN with Context and Texture Information
Generating Basic Unit Movements with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Multi-vision Attention Networks for on-Line Red Jujube Grading
Multi-label Image Classification via Coarse-to-Fine Attention*
Two-Weight Codes and Second Order Recurrences
Quantum Codes from Constacyclic Codes over Polynomial Residue Rings
Two Entropy-Based Criteria Design for Signal Complexity Measures
POA-FPRMs: Power Optimization Approach of Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expressions for Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions
General Diagnostic Framework Based on Non-axiomatic Logic for Aviation Safety Event Analysis
Pipelined Range Reduction Based Truncated Multiplier
Boolean Functions with Multiple-Valued Walsh Spectra
Research on Improved Character Encoding Methods Based on QR Code*
Deep Scattering Spectra with Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Scene Classification Tasks
Hand Vein Recognition Algorithm Based on NMF with Sparsity and Clustering Property Constraints in Feature Mapping Space
Deep Hashing Based on VAE-GAN for Efficient Similarity Retrieval
An Integrated Approach for Fetal Heart Rate Estimation from Abdominal Electrocardiogram Signal
Balanced Hashing
The Adjacency Graphs of a Class of LFSRs and Their Applications*
Generalized LMMSE Filtering with Out-of-Sequence Observations in Arbitrary Constant Delay
A CDR System Based on Improved Second Order Digital Filter, Hysteretic Voter and Phase Interpolator
Load-Balancing and QoS Based Dynamic Resource Allocation Method for Smart Gird Fiber-Wireless Networks
Scheduling Reconfigurable Service Function Chain
Static Schedule Generation for Time-Triggered Ethernet Based on Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization
Two-Dimensional DOA Estimation Using One-Dimensional Search for Spherical Arrays
Ultra-wideband Low-Detectable Coding Metasurface
Aircraft Detection for HR SAR Images in Non-homogeneous Background UsingGGMD-Based Modeling

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