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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 27, Issue 6, November 2018

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Volume 27, Issue 6

November 2018

A Review on the Architecture of Software Defined Network
Fuzzy Clustering with the Structural α-Entropy
An Efficient and Adaptive Method for Overlapping Community Detection in Real-World Networks
Parallel Sketch Based Super Node Detection with Traceability
An Effiective Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling with Intermediate Buffiers
An In-Memory-Computing Design of Multiplier Based on Multilevel-Cell of Resistance Switching Random Access Memory
Design of a CMOS Distributed Power Amplifier with Gradual Changed Gain Cells
Safety Mechanism Design and Verification of Safety Computer Parallel Program
An Intelligent Scheduling Approach for Electric Power Generation
Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Classified and Structural Semantic Relatedness
Face Alignment by Coarse-to-Fine Shape Estimation
A Novel 3D Video Fingerprinting Algorithm Based on Local Feature Points
Automated DNA Assembly Based on Four-Gram Statistical Language Model
An Android Malware Detection System Based on Feature Fusion
Laplacian Speech Model and Soft Decision Based MMSE Estimator for Noise Power Spectral Density in Speech Enhancement
Hidden Phase Space Reconstruction: A Novel Chaotic Time Series Prediction Method for Speech Signals
Partial Least Squares Based Total Variability Space Modeling for I-Vector Speaker Verification
A Face Hallucination Algorithm via an LLE Coefficients Prior Model
Computer-Assisted Path Planning for Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery
Current and Voltage Mode Resistorless Universal Biquad Filter Using a Single CCCDTA
Domain Adaptation Network Based on Autoencoder
The Intelligent Control System of Traffic Light Based on Fog Computing
Energy-Efficient Outage Capacity in Sensing-Based Spectrum Sharing Cognitive Radio Networks
Fault Analysis on a New Block Cipher DBlock with at Most Two Fault Injections
Multi-attribute-Based Access Control Policy for Supply Chain Data Service
LANDMARC Localization Algorithm Based on Weight Optimization
A Novel Approach of Network Coding in Wireless Networks Overhearing
The Design of New Compact Marx Generator
Detection Probability for Moving Ground Target of Normal Distribution Using an Imaging Satellite
GF-2 Satellite 1m/4m Camera Design and In-Orbit Commissioning
2-D DOA Estimation Using Off-Grid Sparse Learning via Iterative Minimization with L-Parallel Coprime Array

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