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Volume 27, Issue 5, September 2018

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Volume 27, Issue 5

September 2018

A Survey of Macroscopic Brain Network Visualization Technology
Interactive Details on Demand Visual Analysis on Large Attributed Networks
A User-Centered Multi-space Collaborative Visual Analysis for Cyber Security
A Correlation Visual Analytics System for Air Quality
RectMap: A Boundary-Reserved Map Deformation Approach for Visualizing Geographical Map
Visual Analytics of Traffic Congestion Propagation Path with Large Scale Camera Data
DiffusionInsighter: Visual Analysis of Traffic Diffusion Flow Patterns
Visual Comparison of Customer Stickiness in Retail Stores
Visual Exploration of Diffierences Among DTI Fiber Models
A Neuro-Fuzzy Crime Prediction Model Based on Video Analysis
Viewpoint Optimization Method for Flying Robot Inspecting Transmission Towers Based on Point Cloud Model
Memory Request Priority Based Warp Scheduling for GPUs
The Existence of a Class of Balanced Multi-output Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions
Certificateless Signcryption Scheme Without Random Oracles
A Self-Biased Low-Jitter Process-Insensitive Phase-Locked Loop for 1.25Gb/s-6.25Gb/s SerDes
The Research of One Novel Cost-Sensitive Classification Algorithm
Secure DRM Scheme Based on Blockchain with High Credibility
Knowledge Compilation Methods Based on the Clausal Relevance and Extension Rule
Analysis of Commonly and Specifically Dysregulated Pathways in Three Women Cancers
WAF-Based Chinese Character Recognition for Spam Image Filtering
Interweaving Permutation Meets Block Compressed Sensing
Single-Channel Speech Separation Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Factorial Conditional Random Field
Grey Wolf Optimizer with Ranking-Based Mutation Operator for IIR Model Identification
Block Markov Superposition Transmission with Color Shift Keying
Multi-domain Lightweight Asymmetric Group Key Agreement
Wireless Channel Measurements and Modeling of LTE Broadband System for High-Speed Railway Scenarios
Coverage Probability and Average Rate of Uplink Cellular Networks Based on a 3-D Model
Release Connection Fingerprints in Social Networks Using Personalized Diffierential Privacy

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