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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 27, Issue 4, July 2018

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Volume 27, Issue 4

July 2018

A Survey of Neuromorphic Computing Based on Spiking Neural Networks
Rough Set Model for Cognitive Expectation Embedded Interval-Valued Decision Systems
An HSR Data Model for Cyborg Insect Research Experiments
A Posture Recognition System for Rat Cyborg Automated Navigation
Training Restricted Boltzmann Machine Using Gradient Fixing Based Algorithm
Optimal Network Function Virtualization and Service Function Chaining: A Survey
A Survey on Quantum Image Processing
A New Method for Finding Impossible Differentials of Generalized Feistel Structures
Optimal Ternary Cubic Two-Weight Codes
Efficient Pairing Computation on Twisted Weierstrass Curves
Feature-Based Trajectory Privacy Preserving via Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition
Integrated Chinese Segmentation, Parsing and Named Entity Recognition
A New Algorithm for Literature Recommendation Based on a Bibliographic Heterogeneous Information Network
Research of Reuse Technology of Test Case Based on Function Calling Path
PSP-Finder: A Defect Detection Method Based on Mining Correlations from Function Call Paths
Research on SoftMan Component Dynamic Evolution System and Its Distributed Multi-tasks Collaboration Mechanism Based on Game Theory
EFI System Performance Reliability Evaluation Based on Degradation Data Distribution
Design and Implementation of Color Image Encryption Based on Qubit Rotation About Axis
The Motion Planets Detection and Tracking Algorithm Based on Gestalt Principle
Sparse Representation Based Image Super-resolution Using Large Patches
A New PCR Combination Rule for Dynamic Frame Fusion
Soft Decision Based Gaussian-Laplacian Combination Model for Noisy Speech Enhancement
Sound Field Reproduction of Focused Virtual Sources with Symmetry Sigmoid Regularization Function
Supervised Penalty Matrix Decomposition for Tumor Differentially Expressed Genes Selection
Automatic Malware Classification via PRICoLBP
A Novel Cooperative Physical Layer Security Scheme for Satellite Downlinks
A Specific-Targeting Asymmetric Group Key Agreement for Cloud Computing
Highly Reliable Multiport PUF Circuit Based on MOSFET Zero Temperature Coefficient Point
A Differential Game Based Approach Against Objective Function Attack in Cognitive Networks

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