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Volume 27, Issue 2, March 2018

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Volume 27, Issue 2

March 2018

A Survey on Quantum Cryptography
A Restricted Quantum Deniable Authentication Protocol Based on GHZ States
Security Analysis of Stochastic Routing Scheme in Grid-Shaped Partially-Trusted Relay Quantum Key Distribution Network
Fair Efficiency Comparisons of Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution Protocols
An Improved Polar Codes-Based Key Reconciliation for Practical Quantum Key Distribution
Quantum Private Query Protocol Based on EPR Pairs
Fault-Tolerant Controlled Quantum Dialogue Using Logical Qubit
Authenticated Quantum Dialogue Without Information Leakage
Deterministic Quantum Secure Direct Communication and Authentication Protocol Based on W-Class State
Application of Orthogonal Array and Walsh Transform in Resilient Function
On the Cross-Correlation Distribution of d-Ary Generalized Legendre-Sidelnikov Sequences
Cryptanalysis of an Encryption Scheme Using Matrices over Finite Fields
An Identity-Based Proxy Signature on NTRU Lattice
Designated Cloud Server Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search from Lattice in the Standard Model
A Collaboration-Based Scheme for Location-Based Services with Incentive Mechanism
Modelling of Microburst Based on the Slanted Vortex-Ring Model
Tissue P Systems with Cooperating Rules
Microblog Topic Mining Based on FR-DATM
Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Hierarchical Routing in SDN Control Plane
An Improved Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm for Blocking Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
Hierarchical Layout Deduction for Furniture Model Retrieval
A Linear-Time Solution for All-SAT Problem Based on P System
Single Image Interpolation Using Texture-Aware Low-Rank Regularization
Investigation on Measurement of Size and Concentration of Solid Phase Particles in Gas-Solid Two Phase Flow
Sparse Reconstruction Method for DOA Estimation Based on Dynamic Dictionary and Negative Exponent Penalty
Speech Magnitude Spectrum Reconstruction from MFCCs Using Deep Neural Network
Chronological Video Synopsis via Events Rearrangement Optimization
A Novel Unsupervised Two-Stage Technique in Color Image Segmentation
A Sensor Redeployment Algorithm Based on Virtual Forces for Underwater Sensor Networks
A Robust Signal Driven Method for GNSS Signals Interference Detection
A Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Packet Processing
Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution Scheme with Odd Coherent States
Optimization of Information Interaction Protocols in Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems

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