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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 26, Issue 6, November 2017

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Volume 26, Issue 6

November 2017

Multi-feature-Based Subjective-Sentence Classification Method for Chinese Micro-blogs
Control Structure Analysis and Recovery of Embedded Binaries
Hybrid Semantic Concept Temporal Pooling for Large-Scale Video Event Analysis
Machine-Learning Aided Analysis of Clone Evolution
Cryptanalysis of Schemes Based on Polynomial Symmetrical Decomposition
Self-adaptive Processing and Forecasting Algorithm for Univariate Linear Time Series
A Multi-instruction Streams Extension Mechanism for SIMD Processor
A High Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable VLIW Symmetric Cryptographic Processor with Loop Buffer Structure and Chain Processing Mechanism
A Layered Co-evolution Based Rough Feature Selection Using Adaptive Neighborhood Radius Hierarchy and Its Application in 3D-MRI
Trustworthy Service Selection Integrating Cloud Model and Possibility Degree Ranking of Interval Numbers
A Novel DIBR 3D Image Watermarking Algorithm Resist to Geometrical Attacks
A Fully Complex-Valued Gradient Neural Network for Rapidly Computing Complex-Valued Linear Matrix Equations
Fully Pipelined Soft Vector Processor as a CPU Accelerator
Coupling Leveling Control Based on Fuzzy PID for Synchronous Loading System of Load-Bearing Test Bed
Leveled Homomorphic Encryption in Certificateless Cryptosystem
A New Word Clustering Algorithm Based on Word Similarity
Noise Reduction for Images with Non-uniform Noise Using Adaptive Block Matching 3D Filtering
Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Sample-Dependent Repulsion Graph Regularized Auto-encoder
Handling OOVWords in Mandarin Spoken Term Detection with an Hierarchical n-Gram Language Model
Optimal Weight and Parameter Estimation of Multi-structure and Unequal-Precision Data Fusion
Steganalysis of Low Embedding Rates LSB Speech Based on Histogram Moments in Frequency Domain
Annotating the Literature with Disease Ontology
A Stochastic Approximation Method with Enhanced Robustness for Crosstalk Cancellation
Construction and Count of 1-Resilient Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions on 4p Variables.
Integer Programming Problem Based on Plasmid DNA Computing Model
Securing Cloud Data Using a Pirate Scheme
Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Based on Guard Area Underlying Cellular Networks
Three-Dimension Localization of Wideband Sources Using Sensor Network
Fuzzy Sets Assisted Forthcoming Event Detection from Distributed Sensory Data
A Novel Parameter Estimation Method for Maneuvering Target Based on DCF-RFRFT
Large Signal Statistical Model Oriented Parameter Extraction Method for GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Fast Position and Velocity Determination for Pulsar Navigation Using NML and LSM

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