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Volume 26, Issue 4, July 2017

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Volume 26, Issue 4

July 2017

A Family of P Systems for Solving Linear Equations
Intrusion Detection Methods Based on Incomplete RFID Traces
Even FIB Decomposition Model Based on Storage and Traffic Balancing
A Compact Implementation of AES S-Box Using Evolutionary Algorithm
Efficient Protocols for the General Millionaires' Problem
A Hybrid Approach to Maximize the Lifetime of Directional Sensor Networks with Smoothly Varying Sensing Ranges
Rabbet: Using Layout-Aware Backup for RAID Reconstruction
A 90nm Passive RFID Tag's Custom Baseband Processor for Subthreshold Operation Below 0.3V
Parameter Optimization of a Short Open Optical Path's Oxygen Concentration Detection System Based on WMS
Enhancing Differential Evolution with Commensal Learning and Uniform Local Search
Diffusion and Security Evaluation of Feistel-PG
A Secret Confusion Based Energy-Saving and Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Algorithm
New Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm with Hénon Chaotic Map Structure
Improved Fault Attack on LBlock: Earlier Injection with No Extra Faults
An Adaptive Time Delay Estimator Based on ETDE Algorithm with Noisy Measurements
DOA Estimation Using Block Variational Sparse Bayesian Learning
Good Linear Codes from Quadratic Residue Codes over a Finite Non-Chain Ring
A Mixed Non-local Prior Model for Image Super-resolution Reconstruction
A Sub-pixel Disparity Refinement Algorithm Based on Lagrange Interpolation
Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition via Screw Matrices
Object-Based Classification Method for PolSAR Images with Improved Scattering Powers and Contextual Features
Generating Virtual Images for Multi-view Video
Greedy Matrix Completion with Fitting Error and Rank Iterative Minimization
Asynchronous Group Authentication
CPSec DLP: Kernel-Level Content Protection Security System of Data Leakage Prevention
A Detection-Switching-Assisted DCF Mechanism for Simulcast WLAN-over-Fiber Based Distributed Antenna Systems
SINR Driven Joint Network Selection Policy in the Heterogeneous Internet of Things
Scheduling Rate-Constrained Flows with Dynamic Programming Priority in Time-Triggered Ethernet
Q-Learning Based Interference-Aware Channel Handoff for Partially Observable Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
A Collision Arbitration Protocol Based on Specific Selection Function
A New Adaptive Subsample ETDE for Large-Range Time-Varying Delay Estimation Using Low-Order Interpolators
SAR Slow Moving Target Imaging Based on Over-Sampling Smooth Algorithm
A SAR Image Segment Method Using Gray Level Reduction Based on Graph in ICA Space

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