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Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2017

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Volume 26, Issue 1

January 2017

A Survey on Emerging Computing Paradigms for Big Data
A Cascaded Co-evolutionary Model for Attribute Reduction and Classification Based on Coordinating Architecture with Bidirectional Elitist Optimization
Similar Time Series Retrieval Using Only Important Segments
Implementation of One-Way Quantum Computing with a Hybrid Solid-State Quantum System
Related-Key Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of LBlock
Energy-Aware Scheduling with Uncertain Execution Time for Real-Time Systems
Approach to Inversion Design of Dielectric Material Based on the First-Principle
Low-Latency SRT Division and Square Root Based on Remainder and Quotient Prediction
A Topic-Triggered Translation Model for Statistical Machine Translation
A New Cockroach Colony Optimization Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization
A Two-Stage Service Replica Strategy for Business Process Efficiency Optimization in Community Cloud
Insecurity of a Public Proof of Cloud Storage from Lattice Assumption
Automatic Search of Threshold Implementations of 4-Bit S-Boxes Resisting DPA
A 3.9ppm/◦C 8.8nW and High PSRR Subthreshold CMOS Multiple Voltage Reference
Exploring User Influence for Topical Group Recommendation
Scheduling Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Using a New Fuzzy Association Classification Rules Based on Dynamic Fuzzy Partition
PLF Optimization for Target Language Detection
Fault Samples Acquisition and Fault Feature Verification of Analog Filters
Cache Power Optimization Based on Compare-Based Adaptive Clock Gating and Its 65nm SoC Implementation
Fast Implementation for the Singular Value and Eigenvalue Decomposition Based on FPGA
An Optimal CDG Framework for Energy Efficient WSNs
Online Unsupervised Learning Classification of Pedestrian and Vehicle for Video Surveillance
Portable System for Rapid Field Test of CEA in Human Serum Based on Chemiluminescence Enzyme Immunoassay
Low-Complexity LS Algorithm Using Coordinate Transformation
A 3D-PSF Space Size Selection Method Based on Inflection Point
Heterogeneous Networking Architecture Based on SDN
On the Detection of Multiple-Access Spatial Modulations
A Location Algorithm with Improved Accuracy Based on Correction of Noise High-Order Cumulant
An Improved Key Generation Scheme Based on Multipath Channel Measurements
Consistency Maintenance in Replication: A Novel Strategy Based on Diamond Topology in Cloud Storage
An Effective Approach to Estimate the Second-Order Polynomial Models in Time-Varying Channels
A Multi-component Decomposition Method for Polarimetric SAR Data
MIMO SAR Waveform Separation Based on Costas-LFM Signal and Co-arrays for Maritime Surveillance
Design of 85–105GHz Wideband Traveling Wave PIN Diode Switches and Attenuators with Radial Stubs

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