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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 25, Issue 6, November 2016

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Volume 25, Issue 6

November 2016

Monotone Span Program vs. Linear Code
An Efficient Cuckoo Search Algorithm for System-Level Fault Diagnosis
Robust Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
BAHA: A Novel Approach to Automatic Bug Report Assignment with Topic Modeling and Heterogeneous Network Analysis
A Differential Fault Analysis Attack Against the Light Weight PRINTcipher
SQLS: A Storm-Based Query Language System for Real-Time Stream Data Analysis
Face Recognition Using Dense SIFT Feature Alignment
A Residual Carrier Tolerant QAM Receiver Architecture Based on Time-Varying Blind Source Separation
A General Bayesian Model for Speaker Verification
Low Cost 1D DCT Core for Multiple Video Codec
Built-in ESD Protection for RFID Tag ICs
Configurable Floating-Point FFT Accelerator on FPGA Based Multiple-Rotation CORDIC
A Value Classification of Electronic Product Reviews Based on Maximum Entropy
Adaptive Multi-layer Particle Swarm Optimization with Neighborhood Search
Semi-supervised Software Defect Prediction Using Task-Driven Dictionary Learning
The Investigation on Single Event Function Failure for DC/DC Converters with Three Single Terminal Topological Structures
Pre-judgment and Incomplete Allocation Approach for Query Result Cache
The Models of Granular System and Algebraic Quotient Space in Granular Computing
Single Image Dehazing Based on Combining Dark Channel Prior and Scene Radiance Constraint
Simplification of I-Vector Extraction for Speaker Identification
Autonomous Domain Correlation-Based Cross-domain Network View Caching Method for SDN Distributed Controller
SuperFlow: A Reliable and Scalable Architecture for Large-Scale Enterprise Networks
Research on Loophole with Second Distribution of Real Value Detectors
Electricity Consumption Scheduling with Consumers' Comfort and Preference in Smart Grid
Simultaneous Prediction for Multiple Key Performance Indicators in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication
Amended Kalman Filter for Maneuvering Target Tracking
Research of Fast Satellite Selection Algorithm for Multi-constellation
Application of Multi-agent Particle Swarm Algorithm in Distribution Network Reconfiguration

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