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Volume 25, Issue 5, September 2016

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Volume 25, Issue 5

September 2016

Research on Formal Degree Evaluation and Analysis for Domain Software Based on Evidence
The Design and Implementation of Embedded Security CPU Based on Multi-strategy
Adaptive Multi-phenotype Based Gene Expression Programming Algorithm
A Parallel Processing and Synthesis Structure for Improving Access Security and Efficiency in SDN Environment
Schematic Extensions of MTL by Adding Weak Divisibility Axiom
An Effective RAID Data Layout for Object-Based De-duplication Backup System
Service Discovery Based on User Latent Intentions
Extension of π-Calculus with Interval Action Prefixes
Leveraging Auxiliary Knowledge for Web Service Clustering
Scheduling Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Using a New Harmony Search Algorithm Based on Receipt Priority Interval
Incorporating Spatial Distribution Feature with Local Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval
The DFF-PSP Iterative Separation and Theoretical Bound for PCMA with Long Memory
Realistic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Simulation Based on the Golden Ratio
A Kernel PCA Shape Prior and Edge Based MRF Image Segmentation
Key Evolving Attribute-Based Signature Under Short Integer Solution Problem
Optimal Sensing Time Strategy Under Primary Outage Constraint in Cognitive Radio Networks
Untraceability Analysis of Two RFID Authentication Protocols
An Encoder with Speed over 40Gbps for RC LDPC Codes with Rates Up to 0.96
A Double Auction Mechanism for Heterogeneous Multi-unit Spectrum Trading
A Geography-Intimacy-Based Algorithm for Data Forwarding in Mobile Social Networks
An Adaptive User Preferences Elicitation Scheme for Location Recommendation
Efficient and Secure Authentication Scheme with Conditional Privacy-Preserving for VANETs
Energy Efficient Forwarding Algorithm in Opportunistic Networks
Novel Cascaded Z-Source Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
A Novel Algorithm of Water Region Detection in SAR Image Based on Bag of Visual Words and Local Pattern Histogram
Numerical Study of Interaction Efficiency for a 170GHz Megawatt-Level Coaxial-Gyrotron
A High Power 320–356GHz Frequency Multipliers with Schottky Diodes

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