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Volume 25, Issue 4, July 2016

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Volume 25, Issue 4

July 2016

Protein Function Prediction Based on Active Semi-supervised Learning
Study of Sentiment Classification for Chinese Microblog Based on Recurrent Neural Network
Multiple Related-Key Differential Attacks on Pure DDP-Based Cipher
Answer Extraction Based on Merging Score Strategy of Hot Terms
Region Incrementing Visual Cryptography Scheme with Same Contrast
Accurate Segmentation for Infrared Flying Bird Tracking
An Attribute-Based Signcryption Scheme and Its Application in Information Hiding
A Video Watermarking DRM Method Based on H.264 Compressed Domain with Low Bit-Rate Increasement
Reusing Service Process Fragments with a Consensus Between Service Providers and Users
On the Effects of Exploring Historical Commit Messages for Developer Recommendation
Coupled Matrix Factorization for Question Similarity
Current Spreading Effects in Vertical GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diode on Si(111) Substrate
A New Class of p-Ary Sequence Families with Low Correlation Property via m-Sequence
Complex SAR Image Compression Using Entropy-Constrained Dictionary Learning and Universal Trellis Coded Quantization
A Robust Step-Size Control Technique Based on Proportionate Constraints on Filter Update for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
A Coding Scheme for Noisy Image Based on Layer Segmentation
Integrating Local Binary Patterns into Normalized Moment of Inertia for Updating Tracking Templates
Lung Nodules Detection in CT Images Using Gestalt-Based Algorithm
The Data-Reusing MCC-Based Algorithm and Its Performance Analysis
An Identity-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol for Low-Power Mobile Devices
Memory Copy Optimization for Streaming Gateway Transcoding: Models and Algorithms
Integrated Train Ground Radio Communication System Based TD-LTE
Cooperative Secrecy to Resist Authentication Error in Two-Hop Wireless Networks
A User-Centric Data Secure Creation Scheme in Cloud Computing
Performance Analysis of Hybrid Distribution in Human-Centric Multimedia Networking
Resource Allocation in High Energy-Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Communication Networks
High Accuracy Velocity Measurement Based on Keystone Transform Using Entropy Minimization
Multistate Degradation Model for Prognostics of Solder Joints Under Vibration Conditions
An Improved SAR Image Denoising Method Based on Bootstrap Statistical Estimation with ICA Basis

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