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Chinese Journal of Electronics

Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2015

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Volume 24, Issue 1

January 2015

An Asynchronous Adaptive Priority Round-Robin Arbiter Based on Four-Phase Dual-rail Protocol
Load Balanced Coding Aware Multipath Routing for Wireless Mesh Networks
SE-FCA: A Model of Software Evolution with Formal Concept Analysis
Failure Detection and Correction for Appearance Based Facial Tracking
An Analysis and Proof on Self-Similarity Property of Flash P2P Internet Video Traffic
Deployment of Sensors in WSN: An Efficient Approach Based on Dynamic Programming
Integrating Evolutionary Testing with Reinforcement Learning for Automated Test Generation of Object-Oriented Software
Test Data Generation for Multiple Paths Based on Local Evolution
Finding Deceptive Opinion Spam by Correcting the Mislabeled Instances
The Browsing Pattern and Review Model of Online Consumers Based on Large Data Analysis
A Matching Algorithm Based on Association Rules in Ontology Based Publish/Subscribe System
Design of a Low-Power 20Gb/s 1:4 Demultiplexer in 0.18μm CMOS
Selectivity Estimation for String Predicates Based on Modified Pruned Count-Suffix Tree
Statistical Interconnect Crosstalk Noise Model and Analysis for Process Variations
XY -Type GPU Cache: Exploiting Spatial Localities in both X and Y Directions to Avoid Conflict Miss
Hyponymy Graph Model for Word Semantic Similarity Measurement
Linear Canonical Transform Related Operators and Their Applications to Signal Analysis — Part I: Fundamentals
A New DS-SS Signal Detection Trial Algorithm for False Alarm Rejection Based on Motion Parameters Constraint
An Adaptive SVD Method for Solving the Pass-Region Problem in S-Transform Time-Frequency Filters
Distributional Escape Time Algorithm Based on Generalized Fractal Sets in Cloud Environment
An Incremental Algorithm to Feature Selection in Decision Systems with the Variation of Feature Set
Filtering Chinese Image Spam Using Pseudo-OCR
A Sequential Bayesian Algorithm for DOA Tracking in Time-Varying Environments
Construction of Type-II QC LDPC Codes Based on Perfect Cyclic Difference Set
A Doubly Parameterized Detector for Mismatched Signals
An Approach of Steganography in G.729 Bitstream Based on Matrix Coding and Interleaving
Some Properties of Correlation Function on Generalized Boolean Functions
A Cluster-Based Opportunistic Multicast in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
A New DiffServ Edge Router with Controlled-UDP
Research on Network Malicious Code Immune Based on Imbalanced Support Vector Machines
A Novel Approach to Automatic Security Protocol Analysis Based on Authentication Event Logic
Dynamic Decode-and-Forward Relaying with Partial CSIT and Optimal Time Allocation
Improved Known-Key Distinguisher on Round-Reduced 3D Block Cipher
SAR Image Despeckling Using Scale Mixtures of Gaussians in the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Domain
The Accuracy Analysis of Zero-lag Correlation Coefficient of Dual-Polarization Radar
A Comprehensive Estimation Method for Kernel Function of Radar Signal Classifier

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