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access icon openaccess FPGA‐based control strategy of five‐phase induction motor drives


Here, a novel control technique for Five‐Phase Induction Motor (FPIM) drives using a field‐programmable gate array (FPGA) controller is proposed. Open‐loop control is analysed in terms of the performance and measurement of various power quality factors, such as voltage harmonics, current harmonics, total harmonic distortion, crest factor, unbalanced, short and long‐term flickering, K‐factor, real power, reactive power, apparent power, and power factor. This study experimentally demonstrated a closed‐loop system with both PID and DTC controls for the FPIM. Diminished torque pulsation is obtained by efficiently utilizing the voltage vectors from the total states of 25 = 32. A novel EG voltage vector sequence was proposed for DTC techniques and compared with small, medium, and large voltage vector sequences. Proposed innovative control programming techniques in spartan‐6 XC6SLX25 series FPGA for switching the five‐phase two‐level inverter to reduce the total harmonics distortion by less than 2%.

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