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access icon openaccess The use of dynamic programming and golden section search for the optimal load‐shedding strategy of HEMS participating in demand response program


This paper presents the optimal load‐shedding strategy of home energy management systems (HEMSs). The HEMS uses the dynamic programming (DP) method to plan the day ahead, schedule, and connects to smart plugs to perform load‐shedding. HEMS solves the shedding schedule of smart plugs considering the prediction of consumption of each smart plug and the consumer's demand response (DR) setting. In addition, the maximum DR capacity was determined by using golden section search (GSS). Some DR experiments were conducted by the proposed method in laboratory and these comprised three different DR durations. The results show that the estimated DR capacities and shedding schedules were feasible. Thus, it helps both the DR participants and aggregator to seize the optimum performance and benefits.

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