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access icon openaccess Carrier frequency offsets problem in recent DST‐SC‐FDMA system: Investigation and compensation


Carrier frequency offset (CFO) is a challenging problem in the uplink of the single‐carrier frequency division multiple access (SC‐FDMA) system. CFOs effect on the orthogonality between subcarriers and cause inter‐carrier interference (ICI) and multiple access interference (MAI). This paper, analyzes the impact of the CFOs on the performance of the Discrete Sine Transform (DST) SC‐FDMA (DST‐SC‐FDMA) system and investigates with different wireless channels, different modulation schemes and different subcarriers mapping schemes. Furthermore, an efficient equalization and CFOs compensation scheme is proposed to enhance the performance of the DST‐ SC‐FDMA system and transmit images efficiently over DST‐ SC‐FDMA system. The proposed scheme combines the minimum mean square error (MMSE) equalizer and the parallel interference cancellation (PIC). The combined method is referred to as MMSE+PIC. The results show that CFOs degrades the DST‐FDMA performance. The obtained results show a noticeable performance improvement of the proposed MMSE‐PIC scheme over the conventional MMSE equalizer. Moreover, it is found that it is possible to efficiently transmit wireless image using the proposed MMSE+PIC scheme,

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