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access icon openaccess Influence of dry run speed on the cleaning of compressor blade


To optimize the on‐line cleaning process parameters of aero‐engines, the influence of the engine's dry run Speed on the cleaning flow field was analysed. Through the reverse modelling and numerical simulation of the CFM56‐7B compressor, the changes of static pressure, velocity and vorticity of the cleaning flow field under different dry run speeds were analysed. The results showed that the static pressure and speed of the cleaning flow field increased linearly with the increase of the dry run speed; the vortex of the cleaning flow field decreases with the increase of the speed, but the increase of the speed was beneficial to the cleaning of the compressor. Through the aero‐engines online cleaning test, comparing the recovery of EGTM at different speeds, when the engine dry run speed was 323 r/min, a better cleaning effect and higher economic benefits can be obtained. The research can provide a theory for engine online cleaning.

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