Rayleigh-instability-driven dewetting of thin Au and Ag films on indium–tin-oxide surface under nanosecond laser irradiations

Rayleigh-instability-driven dewetting of thin Au and Ag films on indium–tin-oxide surface under nanosecond laser irradiations

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Investigations have been carried out on laser-beam-induced nanoparticle (NP) formation in thin (5 nm) Au and Ag films on indium–tin-oxide substrate. After the irradiation the films were observed to break-up into NPs through a dewetting mechanism. This mechanism was investigated as a Rayleigh-instability-driven process. In fact, for each used laser fluence, the resulting Au and Ag NPs' mean size and surface-to-surface mean distance were quantified and correlated between them in the framework of the Rayleigh-instability theory showing an excellent agreement.


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