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access icon openaccess Modelling and simulation of AC–DC hybrid distribution network based on flexible DC interconnection

AC and DC hybrid distribution network detailed modelling and multi-operation conditions of the simulation analysis will effectively support the distribution network project reliable and stable operation. However, at present, large-scale system-level simulation of AC–DC hybrid distribution network based on flexible DC is the lack of timeliness and practicability. Based on the real-time digital simulation platform RT-LAB, ACDC distribution network model is established, which includes ±20 kV flexible DC interconnection system, distributed photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage system, electric vehicle and the corresponding converter control detailed modelling. In view of the limitation of the balance of energy storage system, the flexible DC interconnection is applied to active distribution network, which can provide power supply when the power gap occurs. The conditions of consumptive mode by the energy storage system, power supply through flexible DC interconnection from external power grid were simulated and analysed. The model verifies the validity of the system application in distribution network. This study provides preliminary design reference for active distribution network construction.


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