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access icon openaccess Switched reluctance motor design for electric vehicles based on harmonics and back EMF analysis

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are widely accepted in automotive applications. The high torque density, high rotational speed with maximum efficiency in electric vehicle applications is technically challenging for motor design. However, these machines are expensive and difficult to work at high-temperature harsh environment due to permanent magnets demagnetisation features. Alternatively, switched reluctance motors can provide similar output characteristics and a wider speed. Thus these are considered to be more fault tolerant and more reliable. This study proposes a 20 kW, three-phase switched reluctance motor and analyse its overall performance and harmonic contents. The study is conducted by optimising the slot filling factor, excitation voltage and switching sequence of an asymmetrical half bridge converter. A finite element model is used to predict the core and copper losses and other influencing parameters. Simulation results are presented and analysed the effectiveness of the proposed switched reluctance motor (SRM).


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