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access icon free Implementation of wireless MEMS sensor network for detection of gait events

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Inspec keywords: bioMEMS; microsensors; data acquisition; calibration; virtual instrumentation; gait analysis; patient rehabilitation; medical computing; body area networks; accelerometers; body sensor networks; patient monitoring

Other keywords: biophysical parameters; MEMS-based sensor systems; sensor modules; Biometrics Lab System; inertial sensors; LabVIEW software; data acquisition; gravity sensor system; gyro sensor; accelerometer; real-time human health monitoring; calibration; optical system; wireless MEMS sensor network; continuous monitoring; gait event detection; human body; magnetic field angular rate; optical motion systems; timely monitoring; body sensor nodes; XBee-based WSN; wireless body area network; wireless transmission; human gait; real-time ambulatory recording; rehabilitation programmes; gait analysis; home-based rehabilitation; standard system; microelectromechanical system-based wireless sensor network; gait parameters

Subjects: Biomedical communication; Wireless sensor networks; Data handling techniques; Biomedical measurement and imaging; Microsensors and nanosensors; Physics of body movements; Measurement standards and calibration; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; MEMS and NEMS device technology; Biology and medical computing; Micromechanical and nanomechanical devices and systems; Computerised instrumentation; Measurement standards and calibration; Patient care and treatment; Sensing and detecting devices; Computerised instrumentation; Patient care and treatment


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