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Efficient technique for DLL S-curve side zero-crossings cancellation in global positioning system/Galileo receiver

Efficient technique for DLL S-curve side zero-crossings cancellation in global positioning system/Galileo receiver

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In this study, the authors propose a new method that eliminates ambiguity in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) code acquisition and tracking significantly. It is based on the use of a specified locally generated (SLG) pseudo-random noise code that can be correlated with any received binary offset carrier sine- or cosine-modulated signal. As a result, the correlation function (CF) together with its discriminator function (DF) at the delay locked loop (DLL) output, determined within a tracking region of (−1, 1) chips, are unambiguous and narrow, providing thus better positioning accuracy. On the other hand, the SLG-based methods CF and DF are such as those of high-resolution correlator and Strobe correlator, initially proposed for multipath mitigation in classical binary phase shift keying-modulated code. In addition, their proposed SLG-based scheme is valid for any value of the early–late chip spacing in the DLL-DF. The computer simulation results show that the proposed scheme is unambiguous for DLL code-tracking operation and has superior performance in the estimation of the delay of line of sight signal in GNSS applications.


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