Identification of electrical discharge forms, generated in insulating oil, using the optical spectrophotometry method

Identification of electrical discharge forms, generated in insulating oil, using the optical spectrophotometry method

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The subject matter of the study applies to determining the possibilities and indicating the scope of application of the analysis of optical spectra emitted by basic forms of electrical discharge in insulation oil, recorded with the use of the optical spectrophotometry method. The main objective of the experimental works was to select a group of descriptors typical of optical signals generated in systems modelling electrical discharge on the basis of which it would be possible to recognise their forms. The study presents the results of measurements and analyses conducted under laboratory conditions for three systems modelling electrical discharge in mineral oil under various technical conditions. The results presented in the study are the initial stage of research aimed at determining the suitability of descriptors describing optical radiation emitted by electrical discharge for identifying the type of defect of insulation systems in high-voltage power devices.


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