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access icon openaccess Decentralised game-theoretic management for a community-based transportation system

The transportation system needs innovative schemes and applications to facilitate mobility in the cities that is user-friendly, easy, enjoyable and convenient according to citizens' constraints. In this study, the authors propose a decentralised architecture-based game-theoretic model for a community-based transportation system. This scheme, which involves multi-transportation forms, allows the user to be an active prosumer who can travel in the city using public and private forms and also make decisions about the trip cost. The authors propose a decentralised game-theoretic transportation algorithm to manage passenger needs, public bus interests, car ride-sharing and bicycle constraints. The simulations prove the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The effectiveness of the decentralised game-theoretic transportation model appears more clearly when compared with the multi-mode double dynamic approach in [1], as it gives much better optimisation results.


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