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access icon free DSTATCOM supported induction generator for improving power quality

This paper presents an implementation of sliding mode controller (SMC) along with a proportional and integral (PI) controller for a DSTATCOM (Distribution STATic COMpensator) for improving current induced power quality issues and voltage regulation of three-phase self-excited induction generator (SEIG). The use of SMC for regulating the DC link voltage of DSTATCOM offers various advantages such as reduction in number of sensors for estimating reference currents and the stable DC link voltage during transient conditions. The use of PI controller for terminal voltage control gives the error free voltage regulation in steady state conditions. The voltage regulation feature of DSTATCOM offers the advantages of single point voltage operation at the generator terminals with the reactive power compensation which avoids the saturation in the generator. Other offered advantages are balanced generator currents under any loading condition, harmonic currents mitigation, stable DC link voltage and the reduced number of sensors. The SMC algorithm is successfully implemented on a DSTATCOM employed with a three-phase SEIG feeding single phase or three phase loads. The performance of the proposed control algorithm is found satisfactory for voltage regulation and mitigation of power quality problems like reactive power compensation, harmonics elimination, and load balancing under nonlinear/linear loads.


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