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access icon free Wave energy park power quality impact and collection grid economic assessment

In this study, a wave park is analysed from the economic and electrical points of view. The system under consideration goes from each wave energy unit up to the point of common connection with the main grid. Time series are obtained from simulation models for a scaled prototype and include data for mild, medium and strong sea states. The simulation models have been validated against the small scale tank testing of a prime mover, a wave rider buoy and a scaled testing of the power take-off in a land-based test rig. The design of the proposed wave park layout aims to minimise its cost and power losses. A life-cycle analysis of the park is performed showing that around 30 €/MWh will be the share of the electricity price required to install and operate the wave park grid. The power quality of the wave park and its compliance with regulations are also analysed. Special emphasis is put in the study of flicker emissions concluding that the proposed wave park is within the grid code limitations and even a reduction of a 66% in the flicker coefficients is reported when considering the aggregation of several units in one model.


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